Sparkle and Suede

dress: thrifted / tights: target / gold monogram necklace: gifted pradman jewelry / booties: gifted sam edelman / bracelets: vintage (jade from LA’s chinatown) / watch: gifted michael kors / sunglasses: ray-ban

There’s something so fun about boots that are not quite ankle but not quite calf. And, of course, there’s also something so fun about Sam Edelman. The man can do no wrong in my eyes when it comes to shoe design!

I snagged these grey leopard (or is it cheetah? I’m so bad with prints) tights from target for $5. In the socks & hosiery section they have little bins with all the different colored tights you can imagine (and leggings too!) individually rolled, and you can pluck to your heart’s content. This was just one of the many pairs my heart desired that day.

I really love this outfit for the simple reason that sparkles and suede look so good together. I mean, who’da thunk, right?

If I felt like I was floating away into the clouds in my airy sparkle-ness, the heavy clinking of my black suede platform boots anchored me to solid ground.

One thing I absolutely refuse to stop wearing (seriously, it’s been on me since I received it) is my monogram necklace from my sponsor Pradman Jewelry. You might have heard of this little giveaway they hosted. 🙂 Anyway, it’s gold and elegant and I already see it becoming a part of my natural everyday style. I haven’t taken it off in two weeks!


Seriously, this dress was $6. SIX. DOLLARS.

Please don’t notice the oh-so-ridiculous, messed-up hair in these shots. I took these photos first, realized my teased-up-bangs-poof had fallen tragically, and rushed inside to clip them up and take some more photos. Doh!!!

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And in parting, dear reader, I ask you: How do you like to incorporate the animal print trend into your outfits?