Soft & Sparkly Gift Ideas For Her

For all the lovely women in your life! There’s something in every category, and all are luxurious. Remember the cardinal rule boys: never buy a woman something she needs.
My fellow females, do you have something you’d like to add? Be sure to add your comment and if I add your suggestion you will be credited for the find!

Bijoux Heart Vintage turquoise earrings – $245 $110.25

Chunky knit throw, Nordstrom – $58

Nouveau gem bracelet, J. Crew – $85

la mer watch

la mer watch

La Mer Grey Multi Chain Wrap Watch – $100
La Mer Sea Foam Triple Strap Watch – $90

Grace Necklace, Banana Republic – $79.50

Kate Spade personal agenda, Saks Fifth Avenue – $95 $71.25