Splurge or Steal: Mason Pearson Dupe


For a long time I’ve coveted the mind-bogglingly-expensive boar bristle brushes by Mason Pearson that they experts reportedly tout as the “best brushes on earth” — but couldn’t afford the whopping price tag (It’s in the hundreds, people! For a brush!). Then I found this brush online, took a chance, and within days it was on my doorstep (thanks, Amazon Prime!). The appearances are startlingly similar, but the Denman brush costs less than 10% the price of a Mason Pearson. Now, am I saying this will last you ages? Probably not. But if you want the feel and function of a boar bristle brush (whose bristles, by the way, help redistribute the hair’s natural oils from the scalp to the ends of your hair), then give this one a go. Definitely my new favorite brush!

By the way, the Denman brushes have real boar bristles, too. Just like Mason Pearson.

Compare Mason Pearson brushes here. Buy the Denman D81M medium brush here.