Splurge or Steal: MAC Eyeshadow

I have talked about this in one of my favorites videos, but seriously you guys, I don’t think I’ll ever buy another MAC eyeshadow again. Not when I can get the same pigmentation quality and creamy powder consistency (without chalkiness or fallout) at the drugstore for a fraction of the price. Continuing this series, if you’re looking for a steal and don’t want to pay $14 for a single designer eyeshadow, head to your nearest drugstore. I’m going back to buy the rest of the color line! Wet N Wild has knocked this out of the park! See more splurge or steals hereLike this post if you want to keep seeing Splurge vs. Steal posts–I’m relying on your feedback!

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  • Splurge vs. Steal: MAC Eyeshadow: I have talked about this in one of my favorites videos, but seriously you guys… http://t.co/QqwqQR3I

  • Splurge vs. Steal: MAC Eyeshadow: I have talked about this in one of my favorites videos, but seriously you guys… http://t.co/OIiV0mgT

  • chiara

    Good to know. This is not the first time I read reve reviews about wet ‘n wild eye shadow palettes… Now I want to try one!

  • I love drugstore makeup, so thanks for the heads-up on this. Will have to check it out. 🙂

  • When I was younger I used to use more Wet n Wild products but I can’t say I have any right now. I assumed they were not as great of a brand anymore, but I saw your video on how much you like their new eyeshadows and now after this post, I feel I need to try them out!

  • followmarlaslife

    Yes, Mac is sometimes so over priced. I purchased several of their nail polishes and was so disappointed in the consistency. I would have done better with drug store brands.

  • msveve

    it’s such a shame you can’t get wet’n’wild items in Europe (well at least not in the Czech Rep.), I like MAC but at their prices its not really doable for a university student. so I use brands like Rimmel or Sephora.

  • Must try! RT @prttyshnysprkly: New post: Splurge vs. Steal: MAC Eyeshadow http://t.co/UBIfcPGd #Beauty #splurgevssteal

  • Caitlin

    Went out and bought a Wet N Wild palette immediately after your last post and I’m so glad I did! (No way this college budget can do the Mac line.) I’d die to see a video tutorial of how you apply yours so smoothly and flawlessly! Thanks for the heads up about these Wet N Wild shadows!

  • I love MAC, but I have two kids. $14 on a single eye shadow isn’t happening! I love Wet and Wild, Rimmel, Prestige… basically everything you find at Walgreens. I love these posts though, keep them coming forever!-Ash

  • Marisa Toomey

    I would have never guessed Wet N Wild would have good, quality make up. I will be checking their eyeshadows out for sure! Thanks!

  • Robin M.

    These posts are great! Keep ’em coming!

  • Jonna

    I love Wet N’ Wild’s eye shadows palettes! After one of your videos raving about them, I purchased one and love it! Thanks for the advice :)Jonna
    Everything but Ordinary

  • I’ve tried these W&W shadows and I’m SO on-board with you…they are amazing! Super blend-able and perfectly pigmented!

  • I adore the WnW shadows! I have the Comfort Zone and Petal Pusher palettes – I need to pick up some of the three-color ones! WnW has most certainly improved over the years!

  • tara

    wow! i’ve gotta try wet n wild now!

  • Shamelessly Overdressed

    Great tip and review! How’s the staying power of the Wet n Wild eyeshadows? My big problem with most makeup is that it’s rubbed off by the end of the work day! (even with primer) Would love to get your take on how long it lasts vs Mac and other 🙂
    Love, S


  • Nicole

    Really great colors in the Wet N Wild shadows! I’ll have to check it out!

  • Stillblondeafteralltheseyears

    But I still love mac’s false eyelashes and eyebrow pencil (in fling for blondes!)

  • Shinyinlove.com

    Interesting! I have to check this out. I haven’t paid any attention to wet n wild since I was a broke teenager. thanks for the post.

  • Sara

    This is awesome!! I have a HUGE obsession with eyeshadow so the less the price but with great quality, the better. Another good drugstore eyeshadow brand is HIP: High Intensity Pigments by L’Oreal … The colors really pop!!

  • Sara Kersten

    Wow! Got to give this a try. I’ve been shelling over the big bucks for MAC eyeshadow because I heard it was the best. My pocketbook thanks you! (I love this series, btw)

  • Splurge vs. Steal: MAC Eyeshadow http://t.co/wgN2xrfU

  • Katie

    Love these colours, great for all year round.

    Apple Lifestyle

  • Thank you for the budget friendly advice! Something I am really impressed about with Wet n wild is that they DON’T test on animals, so I will happily wear their cosmetics!…Only thing is, its so hard to find in New Zealandxox Amie

  • Erin

    Love your blog! Keep up the splurge versus steal please! Do you have any suggestions for an eye shadow primer? Used to use a product from MAC that has been discontinued……thanks!

  • Splurge or Steal: MAC Eyeshadow http://t.co/wgN2xrfU

  • I just bought a Covergirl eyeshadow and have gotten tons of compliments the past few days on my eyes (which I am attributing to the new eyeshadow, perhaps there is no correlation but it makes sense to me). Makes me think I have been overpaying for eyeshadow that was not doing anything better for me or my eyes!

  • We just discovered this fun website and its 'splurge vs steal' posts. Money is tight and makeup is expensive, so… http://t.co/rphkr7X1

  • Caitlin

    Love the Splurge or Steal series – thank you!!

  • thebostonista

    Its funny because I think I actually like the look and shades of the steal version better! There are some things I like from MAC but I don’t use eye shadow enough to spend a lot of money on it unless its something REALLY special that I’m completely lusting over!


    PS: Come and enter my giveaway with Rent the Runway please please please! xoxo

  • Natalie

    love this!!! I spent some time at Sephora and bought just a couple things cost me about $200. I will be doing a little eye shadow shopping this weekend. Thanks for sharing.xo

  • TexasMuse

    more splurge or steal posts please!!

  • TexasMuse

    Love, Love, Love the WnW “Walking on Eggshells” trio!!

  • Doris Clay

    I’m a bargainista who loves wnw and never had mac to compare it to, so thanks for that! I actually just got some wnw eyeshadow and tons of other drugstore makeup at cvs and kmart 50 and 75% because i guess it’s clearance time for makeup (yay!!!!) i’m considering doing a haul on http://fashionywhatnotsandcutestuff.blogspot.com/

  • Splurge or Steal: MAC Eyeshadow — Pretty Shiny Sparkly http://t.co/zU5uYyuf #style via @PrttyShnySprkly