Straight 2 Curly, Pt 1: Beachy Hair

From one perpetually straight and limp-haired girl to another, it can be difficult to achieve bountiful, bouncy, gorgeous curls no matter what the weather. I’ve been sporting beachy waves for most of the summer, and it’s only now been achievable thanks to some brand-new products from Paul Mitchell. The line is called “Curls” and while they are geared toward solving the dilemmas associated with naturally curly-endowed hair, I’m here to show you that those of us lacking natural curl to our hair can benefit from curl-boosting products like these.

From now on, on the first of each month from now until December, I will be showing you how to achieve curls that last, ranging from barely-there beachy waves with volume to spiral curls to even no-heat curls! I look forward to sharing my curl journey with you all in the coming months!

Read on for my tutorial on how to achieve simple beachy blown-out waves with nothing more than the Paul Mitchell Curls products and a blow dryer.

[imagebrowser id=1]

Go check out the Paul Mitchell Facebook Page to find out how you can get these products for FREE. There, you can read stories (Curl Confessions) of curly-haired individuals and how they tamed their curls–and you can share your own story too! It’s pretty sweet. Follow the hashtag #curlconfession on Twitter for even more fun.

You can also find these awesome products at your local salon.

Disclosure: This series is made possible and sponsored by Paul Mitchell. I truly love Paul Mitchell products and any given day you will find a Paul Mitchell product in my shower or underneath my sink. I am proud to bring this series to you every month and hope you will look forward to it to! Yay!