Straight 2 Curly, Pt 2: Supermodel Waves

Happy fall, everyone! Continuing my journey with Paul Mitchell (click here to read the first post–a beachy waves how-to) on how to best obtain long-lasting, voluminous curls, I have realized after trying these curl defining products, that I can never go back.

I can never go product-less when I want big curls, because the results are so much better with them. If you haven’t checked out their awesome pro-curls campaign, I recommend you start here (plus it also features one of my super cute friends, Beth!).

Also, these amazing curl-defining products are available to purchase now, click here to find a salon that sells them.

Disclosure: This series is made possible and sponsored by Paul Mitchell. I truly love Paul Mitchell products and any given day you will find a Paul Mitchell product in my shower or underneath my sink. I am proud to bring this series to you every month and hope you love it! Yay!