Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil

I first became introduced to Sunday Riley when a friend of mine that I went to medical school with mentioned that her sister was working for “a beauty/skincare company called Sunday Riley“.  As a beauty blogger, I was intrigued. What was this company I had yet to hear anything about?

Fast forward a few years and Sunday Riley is sweeping the beauty community with wildfire-like enthusiasm. Apparently known for their “sleeping night oils” (that’s facial oils you put on a night for the rest of us), they also are known for their serums (“Good Genes” is a cult favorite, and incidentally, a favorite of mine as well).

Just as Sunday Riley is known for what they put into their products, they perhaps as known for what they don’t put into their products–namely, fragrances. So, quite frankly, some of their products stink to high heaven. I would akin the smell of Good Genes to human vomit on a bed of lemongrass. It’s not pleasant, but dare I say it, you get used to it…?

Luna is a revolutionary product, because it combines the anti-aging properties of retinol into an oil-based delivery system. This means that instead of your retinol becoming oxidized due to light and air, it’s in a vacuum (oil) and of course, somewhat protected from light with its blue tint and nearly-opaque blue bottle. The smell is pleasant. The oil sinks deeper into the layers of your skin than a serum or cream base would. It allows for less retinol to be used with similar effect, so there’s less (or in my experience, zero) irritation. It’s absolutely wonderful.

It will take some time to see the effects, as with any facial oil or retinol product, but I’ve been seeing results since I started using it a few months ago and I definitely notice a difference when I forget to use it on rare occasion.

You can by Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil at Sephora.

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