Super Simple 2 Minute Eye Makeup Look

Hey friends! A bunch of you asked for a tutorial on my favorite eye shadow combo that I mentioned in my August favorites video, so I thought I would film a quick little mini-tutorial (I call them mini-toots in my head…is that weird?). I hope you enjoy! This is seriously the easiest 2-minute eye makeup look ever, and it’s so simple it’s almost ridiculous to film but as always, ask and ye shall receive!

Love ya!

Makeup Used
  • I love it! I have both of the first two products so I will be trying this out asap.

  • Thanks for this quick tutorial! I’m always clueless when it comes to using any type of eye makeup. I’ll definitely be picking up these shadows.

  • So funny, these are the exact two products in the shades I have been dying to try! Thanks so much for the inspiration and tutorial. Also, airbrush makeup is so intimidating for me, would love to see a simple tutorial.
    Thanks Kristina!

  • Jenni

    Is this the eye makeup you are wearing in your Drugstore Foundations & BB Creams PART 1 video? Your eyes look amazing in that video!

  • Love this look for EVERYDAY! Love that it’s just a few colors…sometimes I don’t have time to go through fifteen million colors to get a look ;o)

  • I love Maybelline Color Tattoos. I actually just gifted Bad to the Bronze to a new mom friend along with a few other of my quick make up favorites. I love them when you don’t have a lot of time to get ready! 🙂

  • I really like those Maybelline color tattoos, they last forever. I’m also loving your new header! You’ve changed it like 3 times this month 😉

  • I like your quick tutorial – In morning time I have no time for make up but after watching your tutorial may be it would be helpful for me..I am glad to watch your videos thanks for sharing it.

  • Great tutorial for daily makeup. I’ve never tried Maybelline Color Tattoos before but they look so cool. Thanks!

  • Bonnie

    Hello!! Thanks for the great video!! I went out and bought the Maybelline Color Tattoos and tried them out!! I was so surprised at how long they last!! I love them!! Going to buy some more today!! Love your blog!! Thanks for all the great tips!!! Keep it up!!

  • Jen

    Any tips for eyeliners for waterline/tightline that will not bother contact lenses? Would much appreciate…

  • Krisnile Tame

    Really amazing what you would look like in only two minutes spent on doing make up. Really want to have a crash course in doing make up again because I have forgotten it already.