Super Trooper

Shabby Apple dress, Zara jacket, American Eagle belt, Michael Kors watch c/o Shop Bop, Forever 21 locket, Steve Madden platforms

This dress (seen here) has become one of my go-to dresses, probably because it’s lightweight, springy, I can slip it on and still look polished without adding a thing, and don’t have to worry about which kind of bra to wear (it has cap sleeves). Don’t laugh but that last one is a biggie for me. I really need to buy some more strapless bras! At this point I am down to just one. How embarrassing.

This jacket reminds me of anything military/utilitarian (captain obvious, I know) – so everytime I wear it I inadvertently come up with an outfit name that is some play on a military word. Today, it was Super Trooper. And now I have the ABBA song stuck in my head. Joy.

What fun would a tripod be without a little shitty stop-animation?? This was fun to make – I’ll do better next time though, I promise!

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  • it's official: you're adorable!

    …'Cause somewhere in the crowd there's youuuuu!

  • So cute! I love how you always mix in your girly style! Love it.

  • Love that jacket! I love the pink and green together!

  • Now that song is stuck in my head too. Thanks! Love the color combo, so unexpected!

  • I totally agree: you are adorable! Lady, I didn't get the idea of how does this dress look itself, but jacket and platforms are amazing! I'm a little bit jealous because of the jacket….. I'm looking for something like this for quite a long time already and nothing really suits me… 🙂
    Very nice outfit ~

  • Super like! RT @PrttyShnySprkly: Super Trooper //

  • PrettyShinySparkly> Super Trooper: Shabby Apple dress, Zara jacket, American Eagle belt, Michael Kors wa… (#fashion)

  • <3 you sweetie!!! you always are too cute and fabulous~~ though i have to be honest here …. something about the stop-animation creeps me out a little bit, mebbe it's the slightly dark lighting? =P

  • Oh, how I love Shabby Apple. 🙂 Don't feel bad about the one strapless bra. I basically have one too. GOOD ones are hard to come by, at least for me. They never seem to want to stay put.

  • Super Trooper

  • Mamavalveeta03

    Me too! Is that a bad thing? I just ordered one of the new styles from Shabby Apple and I can hardly wait until my package comes!

    • sa-weet, i am not alone. let me know how the dress turns out!! love shabby apple!

  • Super Trooper via @AddThis

  • Carlotta

    I love your house! it looks so peaceful!!


    Illustrated Moodboard


    • quite a feat considering it's in kind of a shitty area of town. but it's a little oasis in and of itself! thanks Carlotta

  • Cute outfit! I love your heels xxx

  • I am so into bright pink, and this dress is just fabulous on you!

  • You look great on your dress. I find it sweet and refreshing maybe because of pink. I love the shoe! over all= COOL

  • Pink is very lovely! We cant deny the fact. 🙂 I loooooooooooovvvee your blog! really nice.

  • Very pretty. Perfect combo of sweet and camo!

  • There are such lovely shots!