Sweet Hearts & a DIY Fringe Keychain

Happy Superbowl Sunday! Who are you rooting for? I’m keeping my pick a secret, because…well, to be honest I don’t really care which team wins. Oops!

Picked up this cute set of pink valentine heart lights for $6 at my drugstore. Also picked up an adorable Beanie Boos monkey holding a heart with huuuuuuge eyes and gave it to HB. Couldn’t resist. Not sure what he’s going to do with a beanie baby…we’ll see how long it lasts before it conveniently gets tucked into a closet or other hidden space. 😉

I strung the lights over my most frequented space: my work space. Now, everytime I turn on the computer or read at my desk, I’m cheered by sweet pink glowing hearts! They’re staying up well past Valentine’s day…in fact, they’re staying up until they’re burnt out and their replacement bulbs are spent.

Besides being crafty with a sewing machine and some Wildfox jeggings, I kept up the crafting madness this weekend by constructing my very own Hermes look-a-like fringe keychain. It’s rough around the edges (literally and figuratively) but I like the odd color and its gigantic size. I’ll never rummage through my purse again! This baby will make my keys super easy to spot and feel.

Constructing this bad boy was a little anxiety-inducing at first, but it was super cheap (maybe around $15 vs. the Hermes version at $195).

Isn’t this cute! I can easily see myself making more for friends & family members as gifts. If you would be interested in picking up one (for cheap, yo) let me know – I’d like to gauge how much interest there would be – I have half a mind to buy all sorts of crazy awesome leather colors and sell them on etsy! What do you think?