Post Partum Update

As the days turn cooler and as Harper (my newborn) and I swing into a more manageable routine, I have been more and more tempted out of my pajamas. Today is one prime example.

Don’t get it twisted, though: if I’m wearing clothes, they may as well be pajamas, because they are geared for comfort and nursing access more than anything else. Case in point: nursing top from Nordstrom. Ozalia Boots that feel like I’m wearing socks out of the house. Stretchy pre-pregnancy jeans (to be able to fit into them feels like its own small miracle 4 weeks post partum, but I attribute it all to sleepless nights and a whole lot of breastfeeding). I’m also wearing a nifty nursing tank from Target which I’ll also have linked below – I highly recommend it!

This coat though. This coat. Oh mah gaw. So freaking soft. The softest thing I’ve ever touched or owned. It’s faux, but it feels softer than mink. I don’t know how Zara does it. Amazing.

Bottom line? I feel human when I’m wearing real clothes. But nothing beats cozying up in pajamas and a robe and snuggling with my little cuddle-bug.

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