Texas Style Council: Pics & Video!

Above: leading the Blogging 101 breakout session at the Texas Style Council Conference

Jennine delivering the keynote speech

[houston] and I sat in for one of Kendi & Bryan’s photography breakout sessions

Isn’t Kendi so fresh in this cobalt blue dress and mustard sweater?

Oh look, it’s me leading the Blogging 101 breakout session. It was a full house–I wanted to keep going but it was over before I knew it!

Here I look as clueless on the outside as I feel on the inside.

And here I am leading the Authenticity panel

Myself, Jen, Indiana, and James

Meeting and greeting readers, bloggers, followers, and fans. Y’all are so great!

loved seeing familiar faces, like Caroline from Lucky, above!

A special shout-out to everyone who came up to this shy-ass girl and introduced yourself. My nerves and awkwardness thank you, very much.

I made a super short video of some of the clips we took on the way to and during the conference – hope you enjoy not hearing me speak, because the camera mic couldn’t pick our voices up very well from so far away in the audience (thanks for shooting it, [houston]!). So instead you get to listen to a spiffy techno remix of Teenage Dream from my computer. AND WHAT COULD BE BETTER THAN THAT?!

P.S. – Outfit post to follow, duh.