A pretty day spent at home preparing for interview season (for those who are just tuning in, I’m interviewing for residency in Anesthesiology), cleaning house, and then trying out a new churrascaria down the street (sadly, we were not impressed). But good wine and each other’s company is really all we need to have a good time.

Dining out is really one of our favorite things to do as a couple together. When we first started dating, it was a lot of movie-going. But that got old (and expensive) fairly quickly. We are both foodies, and we love a good bottle of pinot noir, so it rapidly filled our #1 slot of favorite ways to spend time together.

What is your favorite thing to do with your significant other? (And for the singles out there–what do you do for yourself? When I was single, it was watching musicals at home in pajamas with comfort food–haha!)

P.S. – Vahni spent the weekend in Barcelona, and she has a ton of photos and videos to share with us! I’ll be sharing her MNG by MANGO mission with you all soon!