THE BEST: BB Creams 2012

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As far as beauty crazes go, there are few that have surfaced with as much fervor and widespread adoption as the BB cream. Originally formulated in the 1950’s by a German dermatologist, it was meant to protect tender skin after laser and cosmetic procedures. It took off in Asia after being endorsed by South Korean actresses for its brightening and lightening properties. Essentially, BB Cream is supposed to be a hybrid between a multi-use beauty cream and a foundation. I would say most have more coverage than a tinted moisturizer (and of course more beneficial properties) but less coverage than a medium or full coverage foundation. Here is a review on a few that I’ve tried.

Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream

As far as BB creams go, this one was my least favorite. I have combination-to-somewhat-oily skin, and I’m not kidding when I say that I’ve used moisturizers that made me feel less slick than this BB cream. (Note, this post was written before they FINALLY listened to us shiny girls and came out with an oil-free version.) This is definitely not for anything less than dry skin. That being said, it does provide a decent amount of coverage, so if you have dry skin and don’t want to look like you’re wearing caked on foundation, this is a good bet for you. It comes in two shades, light/medium, medium/dark. Purchase $9.74 »

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

I’m not sure what to make of this BB cream – this one is one of the few that claims to include as many skin-perfecting benefits as an Asian BB cream, however of this I’m extremely dubious. It’s lightweight, but tends to make my face an oil slick. It feels nice on the skin, as lightweight as a mousse. However I feel this would be best for very dry skins. Purchase $8.99 »

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream

This is a higher-end American BB cream that I purchased at Sephora, and it was the first BB cream I’ve ever tried. I really like this one because it provides great coverage with the added benefit of a sunscreen. It also comes in several shades. The cons were that I’m not sure it does anything for my skin beyond that; additionally, if I were perspiring a little on a hot summer day, it tended to…how do I put this…separate? I could barely touch my face and it would come off on my fingers. This may be due to my skin type but again you may not want to try this if you are exercising. Other than that it provides great lightweight coverage that doesn’t look too heavy and is better for coverage than tinted moisturizer. Purchase $39 »

Lioele Water Drop BB Cream

And now, the best for last. I purchased this BB cream online and took a big chance because it’s an Asian BB Cream, and they usually only come in one color: light. Fortunately, this was a perfect match for my fair skin. It does have the slightly greyish cast that most Asian versions have, but I have to say this is the most amazing BB cream of the bunch. When you mix it between your fingers it forms water beads that (in my opinion) actually help the product soak deep into the skin. The benefit of this is not only penetration of the many beauty-perfecting properties it claims, but it also skins into the skin like a veil. I can’t even tell I’m wearing anything–my skin just looks perfected, which is exactly what I want during the hot summer months. It’s a shame it doesn’t come in more colors, but if you have fair to light skin, I’d definitely recommend you try this! Purchase $23 »

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Also let me know what your favorite BB cream is that you’ve tried!