THE BEST: Self Tanners

A few weeks ago I shared my favorite bronzers in my new series called THE BEST – and you asked me to round up my absolute favorite self tanners. Since I’m whiter than snow (hey, my dad’s Norwegian), and I want to keep my skin healthy and (let’s face it) cancer-free, I 100% rely on self tanners. As a teen I gave up on them when it appeared that no company could get the self tanning formula right. Until these babies came out. Shop them all in the links below.

Now, when it comes to self tanners, there are a few simple rules to live by.

Simple Rules for Self Tanning

  1. Mousse is better than lotion is better than sprays/mists
  2. The greener the product is, the more natural the end result (less orange)
  3. Always, always, use an oil & paraben-free body scrub or polish before self tanning–NEVER skip this step!
  4. Use a tanning mitt to apply mousse self-tanners – it will change your life (see link to my favorite below)
  5. Here is your new routine: Every Sunday night, shower & full body scrub, then apply self tanner, then bed. Wash off in the shower in the morning. Done for the week! Apply gradual self tanning moisturizer (like Jergens or your fave brand) every day until the next application.

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