The Best Thing About Being a Blogger

Hey everyone! Today I am participating in a blog swap organized by a group I’m in called 20-Something Bloggers. I’ve posted over on Meg’s blog what I think is (are) the best thing(s) about being a blogger, so feel free to check it out after you’ve read Meg’s post below. Meg Smith writes a blog called Fox and Bunny and Woodpecker Stew, and she writes with the same kind of non-sequitur, ironic sense of humor that I have. It’s really a gem – go check it out!
Take it away, Meg! — Kristina

The Best Thing About Being a Blogger

by Meg Smith

It took me awhile to pull the trigger and start a blog.  I really wanted to, but I kept holding back.  It felt like I was trying to crash an elite club I didn’t belong to.  I didn’t think I was smart enough or hip enough or interesting enough – who wants to listen to my inane rambles?  I had no specific topic or direction I wanted my blog to take, I just wanted to write.  I wanted to blog.  I was itching to do it.  And silly as it is, I felt so unworthy.

About a year ago I took the plunge and started a blog.  It was personal – very personal – and essentially was a compilation of rants about boys and dating and being misunderstood, etc.  I didn’t tell anyone about it and I kept my name off it; I didn’t want my mom or roommate or ex-boyfriends stumbling upon my not so lady-like musings.  It’s still anonymous, and aside from my first few postings, I haven’t developed it further.

Late last summer I got what I had been waiting for: the perfect excuse to blog.  In September I bought a one-way ticket to Tokyo, and traveled solo throughout Northeast and Southeast Asia for six months.  It was amazing.  Absolutely phenomenal.  And I blogged the shit out of it.

Now that I’m home, I’m maintaining the same blog I started for traveling purposes.  I don’t post as often as I like, but I’m feeling out the ins and outs of daily writing and blogging and am making an effort to improve on all fronts.  I still don’t have a specific direction I want it to take, but I figure it’ll come to me.

I love blogging.  It’s challenging, it’s stimulating, it’s fun, and I’m meeting awesome people in the blogosphere by the dozens.  I joined 20 Something Bloggers, as well as a few other communities, and am really enjoying the creativity and growth they foster.  I still don’t feel as smart or hip or interesting as the rockstars of the blog world, and I probably never will.   There is so much wit and ingenuity and awesome sauce out there – I’m humbled every day.

I think that’s what gives blogging its sparkle: the challenge, the inspiration, the growth.  I’m stoked I finally threw my own freak flag into the mix.  If only I had done it sooner.

— Meg

You can read Kristina’s post on The Best Thing About Being a Blogger right here. Thanks everyone, and back to my regularly scheduled programming tomorrow!

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