The Bridal Shower

Kensie dress, Target black tights, Sam Edelman shoes c/o Karmaloop, Temple St. Clair for Target ring, Michael Kors bag, vintage bracelets.

Temple St. Clair for Target ring

My new Temple St. Clair for Target ring

This is the outfit I wore to my BFF Paula’s bridal shower on Saturday. I had totally forgotten about this dress, in the back of my closet, and I pulled it out and was like YES.

Then I was too embarrassed to reveal my pasty white legs so I pulled on some tights. Then I was like, hmmm, what can I do to spice up this outfit and make it mine? So I pulled on my Sam Edelman cheetah print platforms and grabbed my MK bag and was out the door!

Aaaaand that’s how I put together an outfit most days.

I really love my Temple St. Clair for Target ring that I picked up at my local “Tarjay”! I spied it in the gorgeous ads in magazines and it was the only thing that called out to me from the glossy pages – can I just say how much I love Target for its fabulous collaborations?! This ring was $29.99 and is 14k gold plated. Need I say more? One gripe, though – it appears to be only sold in one size (7) and thus it only fits on my index finger. I think it can be pulled off as kinda trendy, though, don’t you think? The lady at the counter laughed at me but I shrugged it off and bought the damn ring.