The New M. Gemi Corsa Boot

M. Gemi is launching a new Italian-leather, Florence-made boot called the Corsa and it is gooooooorgeoussss. They asked me if I wouldn’t mind trying a pair to review prior to their release and I enthusiastically said yes (I was not compensated and I did not guarantee a review nor did I guarantee any mention or more specifically a positive mention–they shipped a pair of boots and I could either love them or hate them).  Well, the results are in, and I love them. With one caveat.

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The shape is sexy, the leather is buttery, and they fit like a glove. They may not be for the wide of foot, and although they fit true-to-size, I would caution against if you have any ankles wider than mine, which is to say, if your ankles are bordering on Cankles like mine are, then you may be uncomfortable. The tapered nature of the upper portion of the boot (shaft?) while slimming, was verryyyyy tight to zip up, and left a mark against my skin. I am hoping that part will stretch out over time because the leather is so soft. I will keep wearing them. Wore them all morning (half a day?) and no blisters. No discomfort. No burning desire to rip them off except my ankles were feeling a bit tight.

All in all, a great boot, and an especially great boot for the slender-ankled. The M. Gemi Corsa boots launch on September 10. They did not tell me a price but expect it to be in the $300-400 range based on their other handmade Italian leather shoes.

Oh and one more thing. The boots come with a hand-signed card in a plastic laminated sleeve that says “Made for ______” with YOUR NAME ON THEM. This means it will make a great Christmas Gift and for that reason, expect to see these on my annual Christmas gift guide this fall.

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  1. 03.01.2021 / 4:16 am

    Hello Kristina,
    I loved the way you are frequently sharing your outfits, I am following you majorly for your outfits suggestions, Btw loved your collections so much. This black boot is as good as you are. Thanks for sharing this.

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