The Next Big F21 Thing: Cheetah Wedges

Forever 21 Cheetah print wedges, $35

I know. You’re probably thinking, Animal print wedges are NOT breaking news, Kristina!!!

Is it just me or does it seem like trends have been lasting for-ever lately? And I think that’s a good thing. Trends are spanning seasons….even multiple calendar years! (Hello, neutrals, military, and animal print!) Budget-conscious shoppers like me rejoice, because our impuse buys are no longer an unsound decision, they are actually investment pieces that will look savvy and chic for many moons.

These shoes aren’t even brand new to the site, but I have a feeling with the swell of animal print themes around fashion blogs these days, that they will be the next F21 Mary Janes or Pleated Leather Zara Skirt. If you read fashion blogs you know what I am talking about.

So go, buy them before they’re sold out in your size! Let’s make them a phenomenon! (Kristina Predicts it will be So.)

If you’re wondering what to wear these with this winter, don’t fret! They’ll look just as smashing with black opaque tights and shorts/skirt as they will with tucked in skinny jeans (dark or black). Pair it with a circle scarf, slouchy sweater, some oversize shades, and a satchel slung on your shoulder and you will be the most fashionable female in a 10 mile radius.