The Root of the Problem

I’ve had an irresistible gravitation to silver tones lately. Maybe it’s the new bling ring, maybe I have had my fill of gold, who knows. But one thing I’ll never tire of is pushing style boundaries like wearing nearly all silver toned jewelry, but then pulling a one-two punch with my metallic gold nails and Marc Jacobs clutch (with gold hardware). Some would say it’s style sass, I say it’s 100% pure unadulterated laziness.

For a definition of laziness, look no further than my 3 inch roots.

You know it’s bad when your husband-to-be pulls the camera away from his face and says, “Baby. Your roots.”

I die.

Things are looking up, however, because the next day, I had my hair cut and colored and I’m feeling so “A-HA” fresh again I could sing. That, combined with my spiffy new gel manicure (OPI’s Axxium manicure which lasts at least two weeks or more, Hallelujah, Amen) has me singing from the rooftops.

Just in time for Los Angeles.

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  • You look lovely! That braid looks amazing, your hair is very pretty 🙂 There's nothing wrong in mixing warm and cold metallic tones – I do it all the time! xxx

  • There's nothing better than a little hair and nails pampering!

    I always used to be a silver girl, and somewhere along the line I've totally switched over to gold. Funny how those things happen!

  • Mar

    Your look is amazing! I love your accessories, especially the boots with the stud detail! The root problem cracked me up, yes those things happen and they too are the first to notice. – Mar

  • That top is stunning and such a beautiful color on you. Love it!

  • You're site is amazing!! The photos of you (I'm assuming they're you) are gorgeous. I love your hair!!! So glad I came across your site b/c you now have another subscriber. Look forward to reading all your new posts. I'd love to have you stop by my blog if you get some time. I do some stuff on beauty but I do a lot on personal stuff I've been through since becoming disabled at 19. (10 years ago) I'm planning on doing some fashion stuff and more beauty reviews in the future. If you'd like to check out my blog the website is:

  • I love this color of your bag, shirt and shoes, it goes amazing with jeans

  • Gorgeous look on you. I wear a lot more silver during summer months, it always looks great. I love love love your clutch.

  • I adore that necklace what an great find!!

  • I am really digging those shoes, girl – they are to die for!!

  • Your leopard platforms and statement link necklace are gorgeous! Love the new gel manicure on you, too.

    ♥, Jamie

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  • Haha! Funny story… Which reminds me that I need to get some highlights asap 🙂 Love your necklace, it is such a statement piece 🙂


    Fashion Fractions

  • Your braid looks so pretty, and I swear what with all the dip-dying/ombre hair we've seen recently I don't even think your hair looks bad! Promise!

  • Loce how you styled this look. The braid in you hair mimicks the woven chain around your neck. I love that Marc Jacobs bag, now I really want a clutch.

  • Haha before I read that you got your hair cut and coloured, I was going to suggest leave it for a couple of months and voila! You'll have the very in-trend "ombre" hair 😉 Only kidding

    Seriously, love your braids here.

  • your shirt is so pretty and i love the chain necklace!!

    <3 steffy

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  • Favorites: Jeans, Shoes, Braid

  • Ironically, I actually love your hair with the side-french-braid! You look lovely as usual.

  • I love mixing both gold, silver/platinum. To me, I think it looks more natural than wearing the same metal tone.
    I love this slouchy blouse on you, so casual yet dressed up with your choice of accessories! I love fixing my hair into braids. Yours looks so cute!

  • Haha, that resonated with me… my roots are now so bad, they've taken over the whole of my head and the blonde is struggling to stay intact. Love the braid, so pretty! Enjoy your trip to Hollywood, I'm sure it's well deserved after your hard work 🙂

  • Every time I hear you talk about that ring I get more excited for you! That is such a funny story about your hubbie2be telling you about your roots. Now that's love. Speaking of love, I love your leopard print shoes!

  • i usually don't wear silver either but im LOVING that necklace. especially paired with the gold nails. rock it, girl!

  • i don't usually wear silver either but im LOVING that necklace, especially paired with the gold nails. rock it girl!

  • PrettyShinySparkly> The Root of the Problem: I’ve had an irresistible gravitation to silver tones lat… (#fashion)

  • I think you look great! Plus going gold and silver doesn't have to be a bad thing… I mean you pulled it off ;P

  • awesome outfit..the necklace is something i would die for!!

  • The Root of the Problem I ’ve had an irresistible gravitation to silver tones lately. Maybe it ’s the new bling …

  • I love your outfit. I think the all silver with the touch of gold looks fabulous! Your braids are unbelievably adorable. Can I have your outfit?

  • love that clutch – i featured it on my "wishlist wednesday" post not too long ago!


    a peek of chic

  • The Root of the Problem – I've had an irresistible gravitation to silver tones lately. Maybe it's…

  • The Root of the Problem – I've had an irresistible gravitation to silver tones lately. Maybe it's…

  • Karen

    Can you make a post to show how you do the braid? Also, I love your blouse.

  • That ring would have me all kinds of giddy about silver, that I know. I have a weird thing where I can't mix silver and gold jewelry. I even swap between two wedding bands. Of course, with a ring that gorge, I'm sure you'd never want to take it off.

    And "Baby, your roots"…OMG, I love it. He's adorbs. But you already knew that.

  • Azu

    Beautiful pictures, as always. I actually mix gold and silver a lot! I think it looks great when it's done right…like on you 🙂

  • Don't you just love it when laziness translates as a style statement 🙂 Need to try this manicure – after No Chip & Sally Hansen Nail Strips, it's official – I'm addicted to nail polish!

  • I love you hair plait, I definitely want to try this style out!

  • "You know it’s bad when your husband-to-be pulls the camera away from his face and says, “Baby. Your roots.”

    Ahhh, hahahaa. You should say, "They're not roots, they're OMBRE!"

  • I felt the same way after i got my engagement ring! i was all about the silvers. it was less than a year ago, though, and i'm back into gold.. 😉

    LOVE those shoes!

  • Hey!!!
    I just wanted to drop you a quick message. As if it took this long for me to stumble across your blog- it is beautiful! I am so so so so SO looking forward to following! Your photography, fashion sense and persona is fantastic. Don't ever stop writing.

    Hugs from Canada!

    P.S.- Congratulations on the engagement! How wonderful!

  • The Root of the Problem I ’ve had an irresistible gravitation to silver tones lately. Maybe it ’s the new bling …

  • Speaking of roots, mine stands at a little over an inch at the moment, I keep trying to convince myself… It's only visible where my hair parts… it still looks kind of natural! I kind of want to wait it out a bit more, the less chemicals on my hair the better IMHO 🙂 love your blog btw!

    ~ Gloria

  • Gorgeous!!! I love this outfit. The shirt is amazing.


  • Love the side braid!! And see, you're wearing your custom jeans PLENTY!! 😉 That clutch is one of my favorites, you always look amazing.


  • This look is a throwback to the 70's with a modern flare – LOVE it! Where did you get the jeans? I love that you are bucking the fashion establishment by combining silver and gold! 'Bout time someone started questioning that "rule"!

  • Love the chunky chain! && I'm a big believer in mixing metals! I love gold and silver together, it's funky and fun and in a lot of cases unexpected!

  • I love that necklace! so unique and chunky!


    Live Life in Style

  • Well, you could say you were going for the ombre look with the hair, which you could totally pull off. And there ain't nothing wrong with mixing silver and gold (even though I think I'm committing a crime when I do it)!

  • Cute outfit. What a guy!

  • Ahw, but I do appreciate him even telling you. He wants you to look at your best, right? Love the side braid, is a look I use when I'm in transition to coloring my hair (read trying to hide my grey hair, yikes!).

  • gorgeous shoes!!

    XO Sahra


  • Love your top! I know what you mean about the root problem, my boyfriend is always the one that reminds me when it's time to get an appointment at the salon haha.

  • I love the chunky necklace and the leo print playing peek a boo. Your comical view of everyday issues is charming 🙂

  • Just read your blogging guide – some great advice there! I'm glad I stopped by at such a great time. Congrats on your engagement! Can't wait to see more posts from you post-spa day!

  • Love these photos….your hair looks great!

    Aesthetic Lounge

  • THOSE SHOES. OMG – I was completely distracted from the roots and the fab silver/gold metal combo once I caught a glimpse of those fab shoes. I'm also pretty shocked that top is from f21 – it looks VERY similar to a Haute Hippie piece I had to talk myself out of last weekend. ♥

  • Cute outfit! Now that's a statement necklace.. cute!!

  • beautiful look: i love everything!

  • love your look, that necklace is gorgeous!