These Boots Were Made for Walkin’

boots: c/o wanted, fringe top: forever 21, silver metallic shorts: old navy (old), jewelry: forever 21, street vendor, david yurman, black pantyhose: target

Sorry for the lack of smiles in my outfit post today…I pretty much had the worst day ever. I’ll spare you the details but, in short, my family dog died (Penny, not Winnie!), my passport expired and my dad is breathing down my neck about booking a plane ticket to Norway for Christmas since prices go up every day, my previous landlord is stiffing us majorly on our security deposit which we are depending on for December rent…oy vey. It’s been a rough day, to say the least.

On the plus side, Wanted sent me this fabulous pair of boots I picked out because they wanted my opinion on the whole experience. I say any company that a) seeks the opinion of bloggers, and b) cares that much about providing the best quality and customer service, is A+ in my book. And on top of it all, these are the first pair of boots I can wear that actually zip up my calves. I don’t know what it is, but these stubby little legs were not made for boots. Til now. They fit perfectly, and are so comfortable! I love that they’re eco friendly in that they’re not real leather (but I had to look it up to see that it wasn’t–it looks so real!) and that I could walk for miles in these flat boots.

I love how they look with shorts and sheer black hose, don’t you? And how about the return of this fringe sweater (seen here)?

Here’s the box they came in – isn’t it so pretty? I will be wearing holes into the soles of these boots, for sure.