Tiger Girl

Thank you all for your very kind words of support in yesterday’s post. Thank you for all the virtual hugs, and prayers, that you sent to me and my family. While his birthday is hard, October 6th will be the hardest. Two years. Can’t believe it’s now been two years. Yesterday was a hard day for so many reasons, which I will not delve into. Suffice it to say that when it rains it pours. And sometimes it rains shit. Yes. I said shit.

For this look, [houston] and I decided it had been far too long since we went out and enjoyed a good meal together, so we headed to our absolutely favorite sushi restaurant (we are sushi fiends). (Houstonians: we love AKA Sushi house!) I wanted to keep it casual but dressy enough for the posh sushi restaurant. And, of course, adding a little sparkle.

I channeled Cher from Clueless in this look, with the sheer chiffon style blouse peeking out from underneath a plain (but uber comfy and high quality) black fitted tee. I highlighted with my studded bag and new tiger print shoes (grr!) courtesy of Wanted. I’m so happy with every pair of Wanted shoes I own. They’re always comfortable, which to me is a plus. Now, if I could get these to stop creasing when I walk, that would be grrrrrrrr-reat! (See what I did there? Tiger reference? Frosted flakes, anyone?)

Makeup-wise, I love to keep things balanced. So when I decided to keep the “pops of red” theme to the outfit (nails–Essie “Forever Yummy”, Bvlgari bracelet, lips), I chose one of my favorite classic reds: Maybelline’s “British Red”. One trick I do is apply it to clean, exfoliated lips, then blot blot blot with tissue, then reapply, blot, etc. Until I have created almost like a stain–it lasts so much longer that way. I also use a clear lipliner.

One reason I chose these shoes was because I feel like the market has gotten a bit oversaturated with leopard and cheetah print. Watching a bunch of documentaries on television about Big Cats, including tigers, it is no coincidence that I chose the tiger print. Is tiger the new leopard/cheetah? I’d put my money on it.