Treat Yourself

Treat yourself this valentine's day

Massi corragio necklace, Diptyque Rose Duet candle,
Finn heart & arrow earrings, t+j designs Crystal iPhone case, Massi corragio earrings,
Heart umbrella, Eberjey India bralette

This Valentine’s Day, it really shouldn’t matter if you’re with someone or not. I’ve spent many a V-day wallowing in singledom watching Bridget Jones Diary and shoving Twix bars into my pie hole. (I highly recommend this box set, from experience.) Others I’ve spent painting the town red with my girls.

Now that I’m married, I plan to spend it the way my husband and I always have since we’ve been together: dinner at one of the most quaint, unassuming, romantic restaurants in town (this place). We do it every year–we love it for the pianist who takes song requests (we often get them to play our song) and the enormous oak tree that is right in the middle of the 130 year old house that houses the restaurant.

But whatever your plans, whatever your status–make sure you treat yourself, because you can’t always guarantee that someone else will. Want to make yourself feel even better? Treat someone else who is least going to expect it (how about your newly-single girlfriend?). There’s still time to get some things for Valentine’s Day, and why not get something a little less cliché than red roses? I personally own the Massi Corragio pendant in Rose and these earrings in gold and haven’t taken them off in 12 days.