Trend Alert: Plaid / Tartan

I’m really in love with the plaid rainboots. And the flats. Okay, everything. Who’d have thunk that Carlos Santana would make some of the most gorgeous tartan pumps fashion has ever seen?

One thing that has really been subtly diffusing itself through the veins of the fashion industry are boyfriend-style plaid button downs. If they’ve got pearl snaps: better. If they have button tabs at the elbows to keep them rolled up halfway: even better.

I’ll round up the adventures in plaiding with some pretty scarves, and fun skirts. I personally may not be brave enough to wear the plaid skirt, but I would admire anyone else who would! Then again, I’m not a skirt girl, either (I know, I know, it’s true!). Whenever I am asked the stranded-on-a-desert-island question, my response is always the same.

Cheerios and a plentiful supply of jeans.

What would be yours?