TSA Approved Beauty Essentials

Hey guys! I hope you are enjoying PSS Travel Week (#psstravelweek)! Today I’m sharing my TSA-approved beauty essentials, which includes all carry-on friendly items and liquids under 3.4 fluid ounces. For a list of what you can and cannot bring with you in your carry-on and checked luggage when traveling to or within the United States, I recommend checking out this website.

Check out the rest of my PSS Travel Week series on YouTube!

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  1. 05.31.2014 / 1:03 pm

    I had to share this, so many of my friends travel for work. Whenever I’m traveling, it’s usually towards a beach or some other outdoor outing so I try not to worry about looking pretty 🙂 Its usually because I don’t know how to take what I really need without them making me dispose of it. This however, is quite helpful, now maybe I can go from scary to sultry when I travel lol

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