A lot of oldies but goodies from my closet today. A gorgeous vintage Escada Couture sheer blouse (with adorable sparkly buttons) finally saw the light of day again (last seen here). So did my LV bag. And these Ann Taylor shoes I’m pretty sure I’ve had since freshman year of college. The $10 bib necklace from New York Design Shop continues to reinvent itself in many an outfit.

I find it utterly refreshing to shop your closet, sometimes. As a fashion blogger, we often tend to ride the wave of new-is-better and “must-have” the latest and trendiest. I fall prey to that more often than not, but as I’m learning to tighten my belt (figuratively, as these high-waisted jeans are more than tight enough) and work on budgeting, it’s nice to know it’s possible to come up with a completely new, refreshing look without spending an extra dime. On anything.

I’ll bet you 10 bucks that [houston] wasn’t trying to be artsy with this next photo below. He is a guy. I saw this pop up in my photo editor and rolled my eyes. I had to include it because, you know, men. <collective sigh>

I also finally applied a nail polish color that I bought a long time ago, China Glaze “For Audrey”, a near perfect replica of the Tiffany blue-which-to-me-looks-green color. It’s marvelous. It’s unexpected but not garish. I think it’s a keeper.

Photos shot by [houston]. He’s a keeper as well.