Velvet Melvin

I decided that it was time to break out of my jeans-only mold when it came to pants. I was in a rut. And I needed to get out of it, fast. A few clicks on Shopbop (it wasn’t hard to choose a brand–my favorite jeans brand is J Brand) and I found a pair of jeans-style blue velvet gorgies called the Martini Skinny Flare.

Oh, velvet pants, oh how I love thee, let me count the ways: you’re a skinny flare, so you make my legs look long and lean (even though they aren’t); you are a gorgeous unexpectedly blue color which is so wearable but so not denim; you are soft…so soft.

P.S. – if you’re wondering about the post name, it’s inspired by a bar I used to meet my friends at on weekends home from college here in my city: the Velvet Melvin.

I still carry my Alexa bag around with me everywhere – it’s been great as a carry-on for travel, and of course as my everyday bag. I can fit so much into it if I want to, but I prefer to keep only the basics so I don’t overload both her and my right bicep.

Ah, gorgeous blue-ness! You’ll be seeing a lot more of these pretties in the future. I’m already dreaming up new ways to style these electric blue pants.