What Lola Wants Review (& Giveaway!)

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I wanted to let you guys know about a wonderful new store based in Okanagan, BC, Canada (hello, Canadian readers!) that purveys this gorgeous, lovely, silky, soft, luxurious selection of Egyptian cotton sleepwear called Angelily. I’m proud to say that What Lola Wants is now an official sponsor of Pretty Shiny Sparkly (so go check them out–they’re still new so they don’t have the selection of say, a Neiman’s, but what they do have is heavenly). Ladies, if your man can’t figure out what to get you for V-day (or if he forgot–gulp! and needs to make it up to you) this is the way into your heart.

I’m picky. And I’m especially picky when it comes to my sleep. I have a huge pillowtop mattress, and my bed is done up with the following: featherbed (of course! Who cares if I live in Texas!), 400tc white sheets with embroidered grey piping, down comforter with matching duvet, a bajillion pillows…and me. Somewhere in there. But one thing I haven’t been picky about is what I sleep in. I usually throw on a ratty extra-large t-shirt from this-or-that promo or event and call it a night. Until now.

I am in love, and his name is Egyptian cotton pajamas. What Lola Wants carries this amazing selection of luxury pajamas (no more buying wash-three-times-and-destroy sleepwear from Targét) that is so soft, silky, and just well-made that you know it is going to last a lifetime. Ladies, let’s throw out the old ratty t-shirts and make a pact to look good and feel good when we sleep next to our men (even if you don’t you’ll feel like a million bucks and sleep like it too–I know I did!).

What Lola Wants Pink Pajama Pants in Egyptian Cotton

What Lola Wants sleepwear knit shorts & cami set

What you see above are the exact PJ pants (color and everything–pink of course!) that I have. I also have the white knit boxer shorts (100% Egyptian cotton–can I even begin to describe to you how soft it is?). I also highly recommend the short sleeve hoodie–it’s long enough to wear to bed, but also doubles as a coverup for in-between weather. Very convenient, and of course, soft.

A few caveats: Don’t be put off by the sizing. It’s imported (Egyptian cotton comes from…well, you know) so for me, I’m teeny tiny and was intially miffed when I saw the “UK Size 10” (I’m a size 2 in pants, usually)–but everything fit me just fine. And they’re elastic, so they are good even if you’re having a heavy (or light) day–er, night. I say night but honestly I could wear these around the house all day. I cry every time I have to part with them as they make their way to my washer. When we are reunited, we rejoice.

There is much rejoicing.

The proprietor of What Lola Wants is just the sweetest person. She named her fab store after her 4-year-old pug, Lola (shown below). What Lola Wants is the result of fashion enthusiast, Colleen Luttman, putting years of her entrepreneurial spirit to the test. After toying with many an idea, she finally figured out what “it” was that she wanted to do: build an online store that would look like her own personal closet. Something that represented her style, her tastes, but also things that were made of the finest quality and had their own unique stories behind them.

This is a girl after my own heart. The running joke in the family when I was growing up is that you could give me 5 different items with no price tags, and the priciest thing would be my choice–I just had a knack for quality & luxury (much to my parents’ dismay)–and that’s exactly what What Lola Wants is all about. I’d rather have one great-quality, well-made, expensive item that I know I’m going to use all the time, than throw my money away on lackluster, cheap, inexpensive items that I keep having to replace.

What Lola Wants ships all over North America and is currently running a 50% off Valentine’s Sale sitewide – that means everything is 50% off! Hurry up, it ends Feb 20th. Discount code: VALENTINE50SALE. Plus, 50% off shipping! Sheesh, this is too good for words. But wait, there’s more…

Win a $50 CDN gift certificate to spend at What Lola Wants!

What Lola Wants has generously provided a pair of fabulous $50 CDN gift certificates to 2 lucky readers to spend at WLW. There are two separate contests, so read this carefully. And, you are free to enter both contests!

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