What’s In My Airplane Handbag

I hope you have enjoyed PSS Travel Week here on my website! I have really enjoyed making these videos for you guys. I truly hope you’ve found something useful among them. Next up, a favorite video category of mine to search for on YouTube: travel handbag videos. I just find it so interesting to see what people find useful to bring on planes and trains with them. Now, this is not for a long-haul flight overseas or anything, or I’d bring a lot more! But I hope you find this fun and informative, or at the very least entertaining.

Items Mentioned: Longchamp Le Pliage toteCabeau Travel PillowLightweight eye mask • Zoeva Rose Gold Brushes + Bag • iHome headphones • GAP anorak jacket (similar)

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  • Your videos are always bright and cheery! I want to make my videos like yours!`

    • That’s so nice of you to say! Thanks!

  • Tanvi

    Love your videos. The background is always so pleasing to the eyes!

  • Gintree7

    Kristina, where do you get the honey sticks from? I would love to get some as I have the hangry curse as well!

  • Vicki Wilde

    I have that same eye mask and i love it! Yes, it totally looks weird, but it works so well! I use it all the time on my long haul flights to Europe.

  • popculturez13

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