What’s In My Bag + Giveaway

Hey guys! I wanted to share with you what’s in my current handbag. You know I love doing this videos but I only get around to doing them once a year or so (check out my last version).

Handbag & Its Contents

Alexander Wang Rockie in Rose Gold | Kate Spade wallet | Forever 21 pouchette | Ted Baker Makeup Bag (similar) | Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Super Natural | Leatherman Squirt S4 (this Micra one looks better!) | Banana Republic sunglasses | Canon Powershot S110 | Mont Blanc pen | Lodis card case | Moo “Lux” business cards | iPhone 5


Because you all are such a huge, ginormous part of my life, I wanted to give back to you for being such great supporters of my blog and YouTube channel. I’m giving away to one lucky member a Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC bag in a gorgeous Rose Gold color (my favorite!). To enter, you’ll need to be a subscriber of my channel on YouTube. But there are a ton of *extra* ways to enter, and tweeting daily (via the widget below) will earn you extra entries (max one per day)! Thanks for being such a wonderful part of my life since 2009…It’s going to be a great year!

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  • When I got married in 2010, I really wanted a rose gold wedding band because I’m a sucker for anything pink. I remember the jeweler looking at me like I had a horn growing out of my forehead and she said “rose gold isn’t popular.” Now three years later, rose gold is everywhere! I am in love with that bag! Thanks for doing this giveaway, Kristina! You’re awesome!

  • Erin Jennie Marie

    The rose gold Rebecca Minkoff bag is my dream bag. What an amazing giveaway! Thanks Kristina 🙂

  • YAY! You always have the best giveaways, thank you!

  • glitternlove

    The Rose Gold Color is so pretty!!! Ah I’ve been looking for a Rebecca Minkoff rose gold back thank you so much for the giveaway!

  • Roxy

    The rose gold bag is absolutely beautiful I love it

  • Cassie

    I love the rose gold color it is gorgeous. I have been wanting a Mini Mac for so long and would be so grateful to win this. Thank you for the opportunity!!

  • Kells4136

    Glitterati for life!!

  • theyabookcase

    Thank you so much for this AWESOME giveaway! From your recommendation of Rebecca Minkoff bags in previous videos, I purchased one this year for my 18th birthday! I adore you Youtube Channel and watch every single one. Would love to have a shiny, gold sister to my black Rebecca Minkoff! Thank you SO much for the opportunity to win! Have a great 2014! ~Rachel

  • Felicia Aw

    I love the rose gold!!

  • Sandy

    Thanks for your great giveaway and videos as always. I’ve never seen a rose gold bag as gorgeous as this one! Hope you are having a great start to the new year!

  • Kelly McKinney

    This bag is beyond gorgeous. I love it and have actually been coveting it but can’t make the purchase with two little kiddos and a stretched family income. Love it!!

  • Jennifer Black Stern

    Love the bag! My husband would say the same thing…but they aren’t the one’s carrying it ;). Happy New Year!!!

  • Glitternlove

    Love the rose gold color 🙂

  • Roxy

    Rose gold is such a beautiful color

  • Lynne Munoz

    My new years resolution is to stop letting people walk all over me. This is my last year under the hill. This year I will be married 21years. I work at walmart. I dont have much. I guess you could call us poor. But we work hard to make it on our own. It would be nice to win something. Especially things I couldn’t buy on my own. Thank you for the chance.

  • Tanya

    Hi Kristina, I’ve been a Glitterati for a while now – following you on YouTube, Facebook and being a subscriber. I love your videos and always wait for more. I’m 47 and some people might say that rose gold purse is a bit too much but I don’t think so! Thank you for the chance. Tanya

  • Abbie

    Rose gold is my favorite too 🙂 I’m really jealous of your bag!

  • cinnamon

    Love this video and the bag. Rose gold is NOT tacky!

  • girlhero23

    Thanks so much for this amazing giveaway! You are one of my favorite bloggers and You Tubers. Keep up the amazing videos!

  • Eve

    I love your channel. Such a breath of fresh air and I’m always excited when you upload a video. Thanks for that and the killer giveaway!

  • Arta Naz

    that’s an awesome giveaway!

  • Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!!

  • Daniela Carrillo

    rose gold is awesome:)

  • va

    thanks for doing this ! happy new year –

  • Natalee Patel

    Thanks for the giveaway WOW!

  • Jess.M

    WOW! It’s so kind of you for doing this giveaway! =)

  • Arta Naz

    i love this great rose gold trend

  • Tracy Iglesias

    I always say I’m going to do one of these posts, and I never do! Thanks for the inspiration! Entered! Gotta be in it to win it right?

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  • Maria Kristen

    Let the purse reach me here in Philippines and lets spread the sparkles 🙂

  • Hana Clay

    thank you for this amazing giveaway!:D

  • youmna

    Rose gold ♥

  • VictoriaSecretLover1 .

    Gorgeous bag.Rose gold is my favourite type of gold. Hope i win,as i could never afford a bag like this.

  • ainay

    Hope to win XO