What’s In My Bag

I‘m a huge sucker for “what’s in my bag” posts and blogs, so it probably isn’t a surprise that this is not my first rodeo. But I think I’m overdue, aren’t I? Indulge me. The bag, of course, is a Mulberry Alexa courtesy of the fabulous team at Luisaviaroma (!!!!). The wallet is an old friend, a kate spade I’ve owned for close to 10-11 years.

This girl keeps waaaaaay too many sunglasses around — don’t ask me why I have two pairs of Ray-Bans in here at the moment. But I wear either one depending on my mood! Sometimes it’s California surfer girl, sometimes it’s Roy Orbison NYC cool.

I always am prepared (well, almost always), so I  have a pack of gum, a pack of tissues, and a chocolate granola square for hunger pangs. Sidenote: I am always hungry. For bored moments, I have my Kindle with me (currently reading: The Night Circus). Always, a tube of lipstick for those times I need a pick-me-up, and always an iPod for awkward mass-transit moments and catching my favorite morning radio show.

My hands are constantly dry, what with the endless hand-sanitizers and hand-washing. (No, I’m not a hypochondriac, I’m a medical student.) So I always have a small bottle of hand lotion in the bag I carry. This one is the eos version (found in drugstores). And my spotted card case (also from a drugstore) holds my PSS business cards!

Now, you’re probably wondering about that other thing. Yes, it’s a personal Taser. Hey, I live in a rough-and-tough urban medical center (only the largest medical center in the entire world!) and sometimes you come home late at night. I was a Girl Scout. Be prepared!