What’s In My Carry-On

As HB and I hop onto a plane to London (hopefully), and then on to Oslo…and then 4 hours to the little fjord town my family cabin is nestled in, there are a few essentials that I am wearing or taking in my Saddleback satchel carry-on. This black cheetah parka I’ll be wearing (or carrying on my arm til we get to Oslo, anyway), and these Ugg boots will keep my feet toasty warm, and wearing them on the plane will save a lot of weight and space in my checked luggage. Also, can’t forget about my DSLR, iPad (for movies & e-magazines), my silky soft NAP travel pillow, and the latest January issues of my favorite magazines. There’s also my moleskine diary, fresh tinted lip treatment in rosé, and evian mineral water facial spray to battle the dry, recirculated plane air.

What are your air travel essentials?

UPDATE: Our flights have been canceled due to the inclement weather. We are working on just being able to get to Norway.

UPDATE 2: We are still going to Norway, but a day later and an extra $900 per person out of our wallets. At least we’ll be spending Christmas in Norway…and we’ll be together, which is all that matters! (Oh, and avoiding London like the plague…sorry Brits, you guys just do not know how to handle blizzards! lol)