What’s Old Is New Again

If you are ever in doubt of what to wear, wear a vest. Seriously. It’s what I do. And I do it pretty often. Perhaps too often (despite blog appearances). Oh, and jeans are a sure thing.

And $5 shirts from Walmart don’t hurt either.

P.S. nothing from this outfit is new.

P.P.S. I’m saving it all for fashion week. xoxo

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  • You know how to make it look good, lady!! 😉

  • and i love the outfit…specially the bag and necklace

  • That bag is fabulous! Love it!

  • I have several WalMart $5 tees in different colors…great layering pieces like you have done here. I love your bag!

  • You make a pair of jeans look so great!!! Hehe, I picked up a danskin tee from wal-mart! I wouldn't buy my whole wardrobe there…but obviously the rare odds and ends are fine, just look how fabulously you rock that tee!!!!

    • It doesn't hurt when the jeans are custom designed (which you can do over at indicustom.com)

  • Erica K

    Could you tell me the style of your MK watch? Any close up pics?

    • All you have to do is search Michael Kors on my site and you will see I'm always wearing a MK watch! 🙂 I believe this is the oversized? jet set maybe?

  • Best outfit in a long time, and I love almost all your outfits. You are right…the shirt is super cute…wow does your ring stand out in the photos…do you think your photographer was drawn to it? heehee. LOVE LOVE THE HEELS, would love to see an upclose shot!

    The CHief Blonde

  • I enjoy vests too. I like form fitting vests. Not a WalMart fan but just bought about 12 items from Target for this school year 😉

  • Tracy

    The Bag! I need to know about the bag!

    • Oops! It's from shopmamie.com. I love it and carry it regularly!

  • You look great! I love how simple things together become great!

  • I love this casual look and the stacking of your gold necklaces! So pretty:)

  • http://ow.ly/4ZVhL What’s Old Is New Again – If you are ever in doubt of what to wear, wear a vest. Seriously. It's … http://t.co/S2UlUuA

  • http://ow.ly/4ZVhL What’s Old Is New Again – If you are ever in doubt of what to wear, wear a vest. Seriously. It's … http://t.co/EmnTWZs

  • xxayeexx

    Great outfit! I love throwing on a vest to add a little extra touch too!

  • Love seeing @prttyshnysprkly wearing our jeans – how cute is she?! http://t.co/Bzzh7IC

  • And an Amen! RT “@PrttyShnySprkly: New outfit post…can I get a hallelujah?! http://t.co/eRY4fKz”

  • It is all about how to mix things together! Love your necklaces and the purse adds a tough edge that I always like.

    Stay safe! I am originally from Puerto Rico, so I know about hurricanes.

  • Outfit post: "What's old is new again" http://t.co/ZrsJvnp

  • I love vest too! It's a great look and that bag is dope!

  • I'd have to agree with you Kristina- a vest is the easiest and quickest way to add that extra element to an outfit. And nothing wrong with a $5 tee- it's all about how you put it together! 🙂

  • Emonne@BeautyMarkedM

    I am a firm believer in mixing low-priced stylish pieces with high-end expensive ones. This post is a perfect example of how to do so. Well done! Plus…any outfit looks good with RayBans. 🙂

  • Timeka@plussizesouth

    Loved this look so much that it inspired me to try and recreate it. I didn't wear any heels but it was the vest that gave me the inspiration. Wish I had been apart of the Arm Party. Maybe next time.

  • Cute, cute… as usual!
    How's the wedding planning going? did you two set a date?

  • Amy

    this just in: fashion blogger wears $5 walmart tee in outfit post: http://t.co/ZrsJvnp

  • I too am a supporter of mixing high end with budget. What you do with a vest I do regularly do with a blazer…but I think I am ready to branch out now, and get a vest.

  • Love the casuel in the look!! Where can I get the the neckless ? I have ben looking for one just like it, in Denmark.

  • i absolutely love your watch. is it a Michael Kors model?

  • Alexis

    You are so fabulous. Simple but elegant in your casual attire…

  • You look great! I am really digging your dainty gold necklaces–very pretty! This past spring, I discovered a love for vests as they are great for layering without adding bulk. As a mom I often have to chase after my two-year old munchkin and it's nice to keep things "loose". My body temperature also runs higher than average so I'm prone to overheating–vests help me look stylish and stay cool!

  • elegant iin style, I just love the way you look