When I Say Happy You Say Birthday

Happy Birthday Pretty Shiny Sparkly
So…today’s my birthday.

I can’t wait to recap the weekend’s festivities (and mention that I got an iPad from my parents yesterday!). Birthdays in our family are notorious – it’s our family tradition steeped in insanity, to place far too much importance on material possessions and limelight on the day of one’s birth, but frankly we don’t give a hoot. In a year full of trials and stress and feeling a bit like a nobody some days – we think it’s well-deserved to have a day celebrating you.

Thank you for all of your supportive comments. The fact of the matter is I would not be blogging without your feedback. You are the fuel to my fire, the bread to my butter, the Christian to my Louboutin.

I’d like to thank the following people who have so graciously added PSS to their blogrolls: Sara, Weardrobe, Peace Love Sarcasm, Accessories Junkie, Treasures, Aislinn, Chi-Chi (says Robin), Pink Blog Girl & if I’m leaving you out, please let me know & I will update the post accordingly!

So, on this day that shares its name with the radio distress call for pilots (oh how pleasant), I celebrate my 26th year. It’s the first birthday in 20 years that I will be celebrating without my brother. But he’s probably around anyway.

26. Over the hump of my twenties. Hrm. I feel 30. But in a good way.

Thanks to you all!

thanks to dream photography for permission to use this photo for my bday 🙂

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  • Jennifer B

    Hope you have a Happy Birthday!!

  • Liz

    Happy Birthday Kristina! Hope your day with HB is full of pretty, sparkly, and shiny things! Much love, Liz

  • Happy Birthday. I am sure your 30s will be wonderful!

  • It's great to be 26! Happy birthday! 🙂

  • Elisa Medhus

    Happy birthday Kristina! Are those the infamous balloons that met an untimely end? Haha. I know Erik will spend the day by your side giving you lots of brotherly love and pulling silly pranks…just like the one he pulled last night!

  • Have a Very Happy Birthday! i remember 26, it was a good year 🙂 have a great time celebrating!

  • Happy Bday…hope you get something pretty shiny and sparkly for your big day!

  • Ria

    Happy happy,amazing,full of glitter and candy birthday!

  • Happy bday!!! Oooh 26 such a great age! Wait till 30 actually gets here- 26 will feel like a life time ago! I’m creeping up to 39 YIKES!!!

  • Happy birthday! Hope you have a beautiful day!

  • Happy birthday, Kristina! I hope it is full of pretty, shiny, sparkly, and, of course, happy. 🙂 Thanks for the mention!

  • Happy birthday, Kristina! 26 is a great age. I'm soooo jealous of your iPad.

  • Happy birthday! 😀

  • i couldn't ask for more!

  • RT @prttyshnysprkly: New blog post: When I Say Happy You Say Birthday http://bit.ly/9ZfyPs (i can haz comment?)

  • Happy Birthday

  • Happy Birthday! Guess what? Today is my birthday too! Another May Day baby! Yay!!! Enjoy!!!

  • kathy pease

    Happy Birthday 🙂

  • MBrown

    Happy Birthday!! You share it with my husband! Just found your blog, but i feel like I know you. Great Job. Enjoy another successful year!!Xi love, Melissa (UT Austin alum)

  • happy birthday <3!! i miss you, you deserve only the best on the day of YOU!!

  • I can only imagine with a blog name like "prettyshinysparkley" what your party will look like! Congrats on 26 years and your iPad! I love that you and your family celebrate birthdays they way you do. 🙂

  • thank you liz! <3<3

  • haha i'm sure they will be 😉

  • thank you laura…i'm still figuring it out :p

  • Happy Birthday! Hope it's a fantastic day. 🙂

  • Vanessa S

    Happy Birthday!!

  • Hope you’re having a fabulous birthday. I have added you on my left sidebar to Fashion Divas since I’ve been having Fashionable Friday posts and looking for fashion inspiration. Great blog!

  • Happy, happy birthday! Much love from your new Texas follower ~ Terrah

  • whitters

    happy birthday!

  • Happy birthday!! Haha 26 isn’t old!
    Lovely photos and blog!!


  • I really like your blog ! I agree that it is nice to have people comment. I like feedback on my blog as well. It lets me know people are reading it.

  • Aww, happy birthday! It gets even better as you keep going…

  • Happy Birthday!!! Yay for the iPad..how exciting!!

  • Kristina,
    Thanks so much for including my blog,http://theaccessoriesjunkie.com in your thank yous. Nice to be appreciated!! Happy belated birthday!!

  • Helen

    happy birthday -enjoy it! 🙂

    ps very cute blog, i love the nostalgic feel of your photos xx

  • Happy birthday my dear!
    You know what, I have also added you – very gladly 'cause I just love your pastel shaded marvel of a blog – to my blogroll on Susu Paris Chic!

  • Happy Birth Day,Kristina!!
    And I've checked out desktop background.

    I really thank you!!

    I hope your 26th year will be happy!!!

    Yours Yuki

  • A late Happy Birthdayyyy!!

    Hey, you are leaving me out!! I have you on my blogroll!! 😉

    Amazing blog btw!!