Which Halston Heritage Dress to Wear?

Hot on the heels of my latest outfit post, I’m posing a question for you all. I’m renting the runway for my best friend’s wedding (actually, I’m a bridesmaid, so for the actual wedding I’ll be wearing my bridesmaid dress) and since RTR had a great October deal that let you rent two dresses for the prize of one, I jumped at it.

I met the Rent the Runway team in Los Angeles last September, and they were so cool and so sweet. They explained the RTR experience to me, which basically consists of you renting a dress for 4 or 8 days, they overnight it to you (sometimes with an extra size just in case) you wear it, and slip it in the prepaid envelope and into the mailbox on the 4th day. It’s dry cleaned, inspected, and good to go for the next renter. If a dress gets worn out or starts showing its age, they pull it from circulation.

It’s totally Netflix for designer duds! Oh, and they totally have more than dresses, by the way.

So, back to me. Natch. I rented these two gorgie Halston Heritage dresses and my intention is to wear at least one of them this weekend, most likely to the rehearsal dinner today (Friday). But which one?? Both fit perfectly, although the disco print dress actually fits me a bit better (it’s shorter which works better for my stubby little legs). But the accordion dress is oh-so-chic, and I totally feel like I’m channeling SJP in SATC2 in it. It just fits a bit looser in the top and longer in the hem. Hrrrm. Dilemma!

Help! Which one should I wear tonight?? I’ll unveil the winning dress in an outfit post to come, of course!!