White Out

Thank you so much for your sweet birthday messages. I had a lovely weekend that was at once relaxing and rejuvenating. And, of course, not nearly long enough. I’ve finished 2 months of Pediatrics and am now diving into my last rotation of 3rd year: Surgery. 8 long weeks of waking up to be in the hospital at 5am rounding on patients. Yikes. The only upside to this is that when I wake up & roll out of bed, disheveled and incoherent, I can throw on scrubs and not worry about what I’m wearing. Sounds silly, for a fashion blogger, but sometimes I think that I can’t decide what I like more: dressing up, or not having to dress up. Hm.

I thought I would find this white out challenge extremely…challenging, but when I opened my closets and drawers I didn’t realize how much white I truly owned! So much! In the end I kept it light and breezy (it was hot and muggy out) and stuck with neutral tones to complement the white. How did your outfits fare? Get ready to post them tomorrow! Oh, and did you see my take on liquid chrome nails? Loving this so far! Too bad I bought about 20 bottles of nail polish this weekend trying to find a perfect match!