Winter Sparkles

These tights are seriously too much fun. Too much.

Why they are called the glitter tights and not the Pretty Shiny Sparkly tights, I have not a clue. Maybe we should petition?

It’ll probably have only one signature on it, anyway. Mine.

For some reason, in winter, I think in black and white. I love neutrals and snowy colors (perhaps I want to blend in with my Norwegian homeland’s snowy landscapes?) but I also love the starkness of black. I guess I really couldn’t pick one or the other with this outfit. So it’s neutral, pale, and black…and sparkly. All in one.

Okay, so who of you shop at QVC?

*slowly raises hand*

This tennis bracelet is from their grey diamonique collection. I bought it years ago. And it’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made, seriously. It’s grey so it doesn’t look so obnoxiously white-white-fake so to me, at least, it looks really realistic! I loves it.


I know I kind of just did a post about my purse, but this just came in the mail from my sponsor Shop Mamie and it’s just killer! So cheap too, but it looks 100x more expensive. Really well made, too! Love the studs.

And thus, a nickname was born.


I took these shots in my office because I wanted you to see what *I* see when I’m wearing them. The camera just didn’t do it enough justice outside. Look at the SPARKLES!!!

I’m in heaven. Heaven.

cheap monday sweater c/o shop bop | forever 21 skirt | glitter tights c/o we love colors | wanted boots | carrie necklace | bag c/o shop mamie

I definitely gravitate more than the average person toward sparkles year-round, but the holidays…well, they set me loose like a cannon and then I just cannot stop with the sparkles. I drape myself in them. I love them. It’s the simplest way to add a bit of glamour and some spring in your step.

Another good way to add some spring in your step? Listening to Glee. Right now, I’m obsessed with “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina” sung by Lea Michele.