Winter White

North Carolina and other east coast states got blasted with a rare snow storm this weekend, and I couldn’t have been more in my element. Lots of you will realize I’m from Texas, so winter weather may not seem like something I’m at home in. But I’m actually half Norwegian, and spent every winter up through the age of 12 in Norway with my dad’s side of the family.

I greatly enjoyed putting this outfit together. I’m a rookie when it comes to winter whites, and I am quite happy with the effect. I think it will inspire me to recreate a similar look like this more often. Although, less holes in winter…might be best.

This Max Mara puffer coat has been so beautiful.  HB snuck his credit card to the woman at the register in Siena, Italy when he noticed how much I liked it as I tried it on. Little rascal.

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I paired it with an oldie but a goodie–this Obakki scarf was the very first piece of clothing ever gifted to me as a fashion blogger. I’ve kept it ever since. Not just because it’s beautiful, but because it reminds me where I started–something good for everyone, I think.

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