Wishlist, Part 2

One Line A Day book | Chanel Laque Brillance Extreme | J.Crew Pavé bracelet | Lucchese leopard boots
J.Crew cashmere-lined leather gloves | Kate Spade Portola Valley planner | Baublebar necklace
Christian Dior Crème de Rose | J.Crew leopard clutch | Tiffany Beads necklace

Isn’t it super, super crazy that Christmas is already around the corner?? I still have presents coming in…And, I have not set foot inside a single store for any of my Christmas shopping this year. Call me lazy, call me crazy, or call me what I really am (a hermit studying for my Step 2 exam…which is tomorrow).

But, I seriously love online shopping so much more than shopping retail. Coupons! No parking! No annoying crowds (am I agoraphobic?)! No taxes (sometimes)! My favorite portals to shop for gifts are ShopItToMe (I’ve been a member since they first started, back in the day, even before the blog), Amazon (Prime! Woohoo!), and eBates (it’s miraculous–cash back just for clicking through to your merchant of choice).

I am also a wishlist person. I’ve had a wishlist since before Amazon wishlists were universal. I’ve tried them all, but I always go back to Amazon. I’m a wishlist person because I’m incredibly hard to shop for. It’s just so hard having opinions about everything. But that’s what makes us stylists/editors/designers/photographers/do-it-yourselfers, isn’t it? We know what we like and we tend to get it ourselves.

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  • I’m terribly hard to shop for as well…my sister found some leather gloves, with a hint of leopard at the bottom, and before she bought them she sent me multiple pictures to ensure I’d like them! Would have been a great surprise gift, but I’m lucky she knows how picky I am and sent me a photo first 🙂

    • This way you’re never disappointed! At least, that’s how I rationalize it…

  • Wishlist, Part 2: One Line A Day book | Chanel Laque Brillance Extreme | J.Crew Pavé bracelet | Lucchese leopard… http://t.co/eSDApIxy

  • Wishlist, Part 2: One Line A Day book | Chanel Laque Brillance Extreme | J.Crew Pavé bracelet | Lucchese leopard… http://t.co/Jog4wrtZ

  • PrettyShinySparkly> Wishlist, Part 2: One Line A Day book | Chanel Laque Brillance Extreme | J.Crew P… http://t.co/tp17sAlK (#fashion)

  • Wishlist, Part 2 http://t.co/zK7t4NCo

  • Great list. I got that line a day book as a Christmas gift for my sister-in-law, I hope she likes it! 🙂

  • I hope you get everything on your wishlist! As I’m really into Leo-Print at the moment, my favs are clear 😉 xxx Anita

  • Love the list! My favourite: the leo bag! :-)xo, Christina

  • Azu

    The one line a day book sounds amazing! I am now thinking of making my own 🙂 And that J Crew bracelet..that’s on my wish list as well 🙂

  • What a fabulous wishlist! Im so getting that journal and the CD creme!Thanks for your suggestions!
    Merry Xmas from Barcelona!

  • I don’t generally obsess over Kate Spade, but I feel like this season they just have the BEST stuff out! That planner is just too cute for words!
    Cathy, your Poor Little It Girl

  • I have both the JCrew gloves (in that color!) and receieved that same BaubleBar necklace in the mail yesterday – both are fantastic purchases and great quality!! 🙂 I also tried on that J.Crew bracelet – beware, it seemed to be a tad small, I could barely clasp it (I’m pretty sure I have an average sized wrist!) Merry Christmas! 🙂

    • Great minds think alike, Courtney! Merry Christmas!

  • I have the One Line a Day book, and I LOVE it! It’s a fun way to write a little about my day. I bought one for by Hubby for Christmas because he wanted one, too. I love the Kate Spade planner! Lovely.

    • Aw, that’s awesome Pilar! I hope I get the book for Christmas, it’ll be great to chronicle the next 5 years in a time-manageable way. 🙂

  • I love the Tiffany beads necklace; it’s so elegant.
    I feel like a total fool. The other day I was at Nordstrom buying nail polish and the SA tried to sell me Chanel top coat and I was like ‘no I’m good’ but now after reading the description I wish I had gotten it.

    The memory book is awesome. I want one! Great list 🙂

    • Don’t feel like a fool, Chelsa! I wouldn’t use it either except I saw that someone (I forget which blogger) swears by it…I normally use Seche Vite but it thickens too darn quickly…

  • Love the J.Crew bracelet! Beautiful choice! Happy Holidays Kristina!

  • love everything in this wish list, what’s not to love, all pretty and sparkly things :)ps. Good luck on your step 2, you’ll rock it 🙂

    • Thanks Naghmeh! Am so nervous but it’ll be good to get it over with…

  • I absolutely love the leopard boots! I haven’t seen anything like them before! Happy Holidays!!!!! 🙂
    P.S. I am hoping to try out your DIY glitter boots sometime while I’m at home with my sisters, they love the idea!

    • Awesome, Rachel! I hope you’ll share pictures with me of the finished project!!

  • I hope you get your BaubleBar necklace – I have the same exact one but with the darker gemstones & I have worn it incessantly! xo

  • Nice choices, I really like One Line a Day: A Five Year Memory Book, it’s such an original concept. Good luck with the USMLE exam, I’m sure you’ll able to choose the best hospitals to do your residency.

  • Great list! I’m a sucker for anything in ostrich-print!
    XX Kathryn

  • angela

    i have that kate spade planner and i LOVE it. i hope you get it soon 🙂

  • Great list, I would love to have that Chanel Nail Polish!

  • love! RT @PrttyShnySprkly: Wishlist, Pt 2 feat. @JCrew_insider @katespade @baublebar @chanel @LuccheseBootCo http://t.co/OZqZMnTo #shopping

  • I have the One Line a Day journal, and actually posted about it on my blog not too long ago – it’s fabulous, and you really can’t go wrong with how cheap it is! I’ve surprisingly been dedicated enough to write in it each day since I started it back in September. It’s cool to think that if I stick with it, I’ll have my life on paper from ages 25-30! So cool.I adore that Kate Spade planner too, the green is fun.

  • That’s a great list! I really liked the Tiffany Beads necklace and the “One line a day” book.Good luck for your exams tomorrow. And Merry Christmas! 🙂

  • nice selection. hope Santa will bring all of the things to you :)follow your amazing blog on Bloglovin 🙂

  • Loving the Chanel nail colour. Kudos for doing all your holiday shopping online. Saves time, gas & your sanity. Great list & good luck with your exams!

  • I love it that you called yourself a stylist/editor/designer/do it your self-er! I regularly call my self a “slashie” because I can’t make up my mind like EVER and because I tend to have a lot of opinions about everything! Nice wish list; those gloves look amazing! x

  • The one line a day book is a great gift idea! I am all done (thankfully!) with the Xmas shopping, but that one I will file away for future reference : ) I also have a necklace from Ralph Lauren the same as the Tiffany one you posted there, and I think it is more affordable, if anyone is looking out for one 🙂

  • Wishlist, Part 2 — Pretty Shiny Sparkly http://t.co/40NijEHq #style via @PrttyShnySprkly

  • You have a stellar wish list. Adore that Bauble Bar necklace, too, as well as the J Crew clutch… too bad it’s sold out. 🙁 Happy holidays… a lot of excitement for 2012!

  • Love the one line a day book thought about doing that myself never realized there was a book for it! and the boots are adorable! great pics!!!

  • I love this list! Especially that bracelet. And the gloves!

  • I am loving that J. Crew bag and ALL of the jewelry.