You know we’re superstars

The evolution of an outfit is really interesting when you think about it. First, came the top. Then I was about to pair it with my staple (blue jeans) when I spotted these old, old pants from new york & company that are a size too big–oh wells, that gave me the idea for the belt!

Plus, wide leg pants are “in.”

Whatever that means.

I tread carefully in the wide-leg waters since I’m petite, but these worked. (Petites: generally I’d at least recommend some tightness in the thigh and the flare can brake just above the knee.)

I really should wear these dany platforms more often (seen here & here). They’re actually not that hard to walk in. It is such a particular style that it actually doesn’t go with as much as I envisioned it would (the black version is probably more versatile) but I have gotten a lot of joy out of them when I do wear them. I guess that’s what it’s all about!

Still getting used to my new haircut – we chopped off 5 or 6 inches!! That was a lot of split ends. My hair feels healthier, tangles less, and is on its merry way to growing those darned bangs out. Slowly but surely.

Also, fun fact: I used maybelline dream mousse blush (it’s like a cream/mousse) as lipstick. It was just the perfect pink I wanted on my lips, I had nothing that quite matched it, and I wanted it to look matte/natural. Try it sometime!

I’m starting to notice a trend, pattern, formula, what-have-you…Is it possible one’s personal style can be summed up in a formula? Let’s try:

( 1.2 × clean lines ) + ( sparkles ± sequins )³ + platforms + pendants + gold = Pretty Shiny Sparkly

{ wearing: forever 21 top | ny&co pants (similar) | j.crew belt | jessica simpson dany platforms | LV wallet | vintage rolex & bracelets }

For the record: HB loved this outfit. As in, speechless-loved. I couldn’t resist a, “What, no NYC streetwalker today, huh?”