Sparkle In My Step

If you’re here from Blonde Bedhead (where I guest posted), welcome!!

This outfit is kind of a funny one because when I first stepped out of my bedroom and did sort of a “ta-da!” motion to my boyfriend (“HB”) who takes my outfit photos, he had a very puzzled/confused look on his face, paused for a second…

And he said, ever so lovingly, ever so tenderly….

“You look like a New York City prostitute.”

Mildly horrified, and okay, laughing, I changed out of the black resin jeans (which, admittedly, did look a bit like pleather and thus a bit like a prostitute) and threw on a pair of plain ol’ skinny blue jeans. I jokingly told him this post should be titled “You Look Like a New York City Prostitute” but he advised against it. Hmmm.

The shoes are my favorite part of this entire outfit. Because a girl who has a blog called Pretty Shiny Sparkly can’t pass up glitter shoes when she sees them, can she? And these “Pick of the Glitter” heels from Modcloth make me feel trendy and feminine at the same time, which is always a good thing.

{ vintage fur jacket | thrifted paige premium denim jeans | shoes c/o modcloth | rebecca minkoff bag c/o shopbop | forever 21 necklaces & ring | vintage monet bracelets | michael kors watch }

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